Live Streaming

Share the magic with those who matter most, as we bring your event to life through live streaming.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming enables real-time event broadcasting over the internet, connecting distant family and friends. Utilizing cameras and online platforms, it shares special moments instantly, fostering an interactive and thrilling remote experience.

What is included?

Loop for waiting moments

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Name transition effect

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Logo name

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Slideshow transmission

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Mapping presentation transmission

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Transmission of the entire program

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Transmission of the toast

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We understand that distance can pose a challenge during such special moments, but hearing a few words from the people we miss dearly can truly transform the entire evening.

How does it work?

Our team will reach out to the selected individual for the video call one to two hours prior to the event. We will have everything prepared for whenever you choose to initiate the video call. Our recommendation is to schedule it after the slideshow, as this is when everyone is gathered.

Live streaming view

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Local view

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We give you this service as a gift when you contract our livestreaming package. Remember that you can make an appointment if you have more questions about all our services.


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